Important Questions to Ask When Buying Used Forklifts Toronto

Important Questions to Ask When Buying Used Forklifts Toronto

Buying a forklift is a huge financial investment; you need to ensure you are making the right decision before forking over any cash. The following are some of the questions you should ask before you make a purchase:

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Important Questions to Ask When Buying Used Forklifts Toronto

Why Do You Want to Sell the Forklift?

When buying used forklifts Toronto, it is advisable to find out why the owner has decided to sell the forklift. Reasons for selling such as to purchase new equipment or because of venturing into other businesses are acceptable. However, if the owner is selling because of vague or unclear reasons, you may be buying a piece of equipment that looks good but has numerous and costly operational problems.

What Does It Cost to Maintain the Forklift?

Just like any other vehicle purchase, you should be able to afford the initial cost and maintenance costs of the forklift. Once you purchase the forklift, how much will you be willing to set aside for regular maintenance of the machine? Thinking of the maintenance costs involved in owning the equipment is important to ensure you buy what you can afford.

How Long Has the Used Forklift Been in Operation?

You can tell how long the forklift has been used by reading the hour meter on the machine. The longer the machine has been in use the more likely it is to have technical issues. However, some machines have been used for long but with great maintenance and these are not bad purchases either.

What Is The Work Capacity of the Forklift?

You need to find out what the forklift can do and whether this matches with your equipment needs. Some forklifts come with different attachments making it easier for switching from one task to another without using different machines. The size, maximum lifting height and weight are just some of the things to consider if the forklift will meet your specific work requirements.

Does It Come With A Warranty?

There is greater risk of a failure in a used forklift than a new one. Therefore, a warranty can help in case the old and beaten up machine does not live up to its expectations. Although the warranty may cause the price of the forklift to go a little higher, it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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