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If you are searching for a forklift rental service provider in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada, look no further. Modern Forklift provides an extensive range of new and used forklift equipment available for rent. Our selection includes forklifts of various sizes to accommodate your specific requirements. Get in touch with one of our rental experts today for further assistance.

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Business owners may have various reasons for seeking a lift truck rental. It could be due to the requirement of a vehicle for a specific project, seasonal work where the vehicles are only utilized for a few weeks or months each year, or the need for a rental while their own vehicle is undergoing repairs. At Modern Forklift, we assist business owners in determining the most suitable lift truck rental option to fulfill their needs. We understand that you have choices when it comes to selecting a business partner, and we strive to provide exceptional service. Ultimately, the decision to rent a forklift for your business depends on your company’s unique circumstances and requirements. Whether you are inclined towards purchasing or renting, the professionals at Modern Forklift are here to help you find the optimal solution for your Toronto-based business.


Every vehicle that we rent is inspected for usability and safety. If a truck is in need of repairs, we don’t rent it out. We ensure that the appropriate checks have been made on all of our rental vehicles and that regular maintenance is performed.


Our trained and knowledgeable staff is here to help you and answer any questions you may have before you sign a rental agreement with us. Need information on the best truck for a certain application? Or perhaps you have questions about lift truck accessories. We’ll work with you to ensure that you get the best vehicle for the job.


Even if your business already owns lift trucks, there may still be circumstances where it is in your interest to rent one. A prime example of this would be if you required a specialty truck – a teletruck for example – that you require for a specific job. If it’s not a type of vehicle that you would use on a regular basis, then a rental might be a good economic choice.


Your business has unique and specific needs. You therefore shouldn’t have to be restricted on the length of time that you rent a lift truck. We offer both short and long term rentals with flexible options to accommodate your business.


Depending on how frequently your business uses lift trucks, renting may or may not be the most cost effective way to go. If you are unsure, we invite you to consult with one of our staff members to help you figure out your best option.


Need A Forklift?

We provide options to purchase, lease or rent the machine that is right for you. Some owners may require a bit of assistance in selecting the equipment that is right for them, that’s where our expertise can be a huge benefit to your company.

Keeping You Safe

Safety should always be top priority on any job site and operators need to be properly trained for every vehicle that they operate, that is why we provide lift trucks services.

Keeping You Up And Running

We understand that out-of-service vehicles can slow down your business and hurt profits – which is why we offer top quality maintenance service to help extend the life of your vehicles, and repair services to help get broken down machinery up and running and back on the job site.

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Lift trucks can greatly increase the productivity – and therefore the profits – of many types of businesses. But for maximum efficiency, safety, and cost effectiveness, you need to make sure that you make the right choices in model, purchase options, and maintenance schedules.

Renting Forklift Versus Buying or Leasing

We realize that many businesses in the Toronto area may need to rent a forklift for a number of reasons, whether they are seasonal operations, their own forklift is in the shop, they own their forklift but need a piece of specialty equipment for it, or they just need to use it for one job, the team at Modern Forklift can help you meet your needs with a rental. There are many reason for renting instead of buying or leasing a forklift. If you only need a forklift for one specific job or a specific job once or twice a year, then renting could be much more cost effective for your business. If your business forklift is in the shop for repairs and it will be ready in a short period of a week or a few days then, rental instead of leasing will more than likely be a better deal. Maybe you just need a specialty piece of equipment for a job – if that’s the case, rentals can be more feasible than leasing or buying. We can meet all those conditions with a great customer service experience for you in the Toronto area. If you have questions, need help deciding which way to go (rental or lease), which forklift will work for your job, or other questions our well trained knowledgeable team can help you answer those questions to ensure that you can get your job done.

Contact us and we will listen and provide answers. We will help you make sure that your budget will get you the best equipment for the job you need to do, with the best and most knowledgeable customer support anywhere.

Indoor Electric Motor Rider Trucks


The purpose of any machine is to make a task easier to perform. There are times, though, when only temporary help is needed so the purchase or lease of that equipment may not be justified. To get the job done, though, forklift rentals for your Toronto operation from Modern Fork Lift can provide the solution by giving you the help you need at the right time at a price you can appreciate.


Why Forklifts Are The Best Option for Safe Lifting

Whether you are working in a small warehouse, have a commercial depot for products or you are in an industry that handles large scale heavy lifting, forklifts play a vital role in your day to day operations.

Renting vs. Leasing vs. Buying Forklifts

Forklifts provide the necessary muscle required in an operation with lots of moving, loading and unloading heavy objects. Their outright price however, is high and not many firms can easily go for purchasing as the way to build and obtain a fleet of forklifts for their service.

Indications It’s Time to Replace Your Lift Trucks

Your lift trucks are hardy machines offering resilience and reliable heavy lifting service. Proper maintenance and servicing goes a long way in keeping their operations optimum but there comes a time you have to consider replacing them as they age with time.

Forklift rental or purchase: which option is best for you?

There are certainly a few considerations to weigh up in the rent versus buy debate when it comes to any heavy equipment, including forklifts. In this article, we will take a look at a number of factors that can help you make a better-informed decision.

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