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We offer a wide range of lift trucks in order to suit the highest level of reliability and requirements of your worksite and business.

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Every piece of equipment that your business uses will likely need repair at some point

For mechanical work on lift trucks, Toronto businesses trust the professionals at Modern Forklift. While planned maintenance is always preferable to emergency repair, it is impossible to control this in all circumstances.

When repair is needed, we are the trusted source for businesses who rely on their forklifts for their daily operations.

We Work On All Types Of Lift Trucks

Regardless of the make, model or type of vehicle you use, we are able to provide the necessary solutions. Whether it’s a problem with your electric vehicle’s battery, the engine components of your diesel truck, or damaged cylinders in your LPG, we have mechanics with the expertise to solve your problem and get your vehicle back to the worksite.

In some cases, it might be tempting to hold off repairs for what seem like minor issues. But remember, that minor issues can develop into larger problems. For the safety of your employees and the ultimate lifespan of your vehicle it is best not to put off needed service.

Fast, Reliable Service

As business owners ourselves, we understand that you would much rather have your lift truck on the job site, earning money for your business than have it costing you money by sitting in our shop. That’s why we offer fast and reliable service – so you can get your forklift back and working for you.

On the other hand, we will never sacrifice quality for speed. We’ll guarantee our work because we want you to have the peace of mind that the job has been done properly.

If we ever estimate that your truck will take longer to fix than usual due to backordered parts etc., we will do our best to offer a solution. A short term rental, for example is one way to ensure that your business does not experience a work stoppage or delay.

Expert Technicians

There are many types of forklift service that should only be conducted by a trained and certified mechanic. Each of our technicians therefore is fully qualified to work on any vehicle that they repair. Having only the best and most qualified technicians in our shop also means that they will be on hand to explain any procedures that need to be done.

They’ll also be able to give you maintenance tips in order to help you prevent possible future emergency repairs.

Reputation For Excellence

A company doesn’t stay in business for over forty years unless it is doing something right – or a whole lot of things right! Our commitment to best-in-class customer service, along with expert knowledge and quality products have given us a reputation for excellence.

This is a reputation that we are proud of – and so, we continue to provide top quality service to all of our customers. When your Toronto business has a forklift that is in need of repair, you can count on us to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Us?

We are Toronto’s best choice for forklift repair and servicing.

Turn to Modern Fork Lift – a name you can trust for all your forklift repair needs in Toronto

Convenience, competence and quality are all hallmarks of the forklift repair and service you receive in Toronto at Modern Fork Lift

Beginning with our highly trained, fully certified technicians whose primary goal is your satisfaction, your lift truck is in the most qualified hands in the industry. Our reputation speaks for itself – for over 40 years, Modern Fork Lift has serviced all makes and models of equipment to keep Toronto area businesses up and running.

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Forklift Repairs

Your equipment at some point will need repair and we at Modern Forklift can help many businesses in and around Toronto to get the repairs they need. While maintenance is always best, you can’t control everything and at some point you will need a repair and we can provide you a trusted source of repairs. We have trained certified mechanics to work on your forklift for and get it back to you in a reasonable amount of time to keep your business working and earning money for you.

What we offer

  • Work on all types of forklifts

    Electric, diesel, or liquid propane gas models. We have the knowledgeable expert mechanics that can do repairs to solve whatever problem you’re having with your forklift.  Even though we’ve all done it at some point, you shouldn’t put off repairing minor issues. Unfortunately these minor issues can and do turn into larger issues. If you want to get the complete lifespan out of your forklift and keep your safety record clean you need to get even minor issues repaired properly as soon as possible.

  • Fast reliable service is a must and we understand that.

    If your forklift is sitting in a shop it isn’t making you money and it may even be costing you in rental or leasing fees until it is back on the job. We will make sure your repairs are done reliably and we guarantee our work so that you know the repair has been done properly. Also if we estimate the job will take longer due to back ordered parts or other issues we will do our best to help you with a solution to keep your business up and running.

  • Expert technicians with the many types and models of forklifts.

    It is important for a trained certified mechanic to conduct the repairs and service on the forklift. Our mechanics are trained certified and qualified to work on any forklift, are able to explain any procedure that needs to be done, as well as tips on maintenance to reduce emergency repairs.

  • Reputation and excellent with 40 years of experience in customer support, expert knowledge, quality products, and trained certified mechanics, we can provide you with everything you need when it comes to forklifts.

When your Toronto business has a forklift needing repair call on us for the best repairs you can get.

Why our business for your repairs?

We offer a highly trained certified team of mechanics and convenience for your forklift repairs. If for any reason the repair is going to take longer than our estimate we will work with you to find a solution to keep your business up and running.

Whatever your Toronto business is, we can help you make sure your forklift is working properly in the least amount of time to do the repair properly with quality work which we guarantee to give you the peace of mind that allows you to know the repair was done reliably.

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