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Let’s face it. Not every business in Toronto can afford to purchase a new lift truck, and frankly not every business needs to.  Used forklifts are a viable option and smart investment choice for many operations.

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While planned maintenance is always preferable to emergency repair, it is impossible to control this in all circumstances. When repair is needed, we are the trusted source for businesses who rely on their forklifts for their daily operations.

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We also offer driver training and certification that meets or exceeds OHSA standards. Whether you or your employees require training or need to re-certify, our professional instructors will provide the necessary training to help keep everyone on the job site safe.


Need A Forklift?

We provide options to purchase, lease or rent the machine that is right for you. Some owners may require a bit of assistance in selecting the equipment that is right for them, that’s where our expertise can be a huge benefit to your company.

Keeping You Safe

Safety should always be top priority on any job site and operators need to be properly trained for every vehicle that they operate, that is why we don’t only provide and service lift trucks, but we also offer driver training and certification that meets or exceeds OHSA standards.

Keeping You Up And Running

We understand that out-of-service vehicles can slow down your business and hurt profits – which is why we offer top quality maintenance service to help extend the life of your vehicles, and repair services to help get broken down machinery up and running and back on the job site.

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Lift trucks can greatly increase the productivity – and therefore the profits – of many types of businesses. But for maximum efficiency, safety, and cost effectiveness, you need to make sure that you make the right choices in model, purchase options, and maintenance schedules.

New Forklifts

Looking for new forklifts Toronto to help you manage the unique requirements of your worksite? Welcome to Modern Fork Lift. We offer state of the art equipment designed to make your job safe and successful. Our new forklifts come in different styles to meet the demanding nature of your worksite. Our new forklifts can drive right up to the load and lift it offering better maneuverability and some come with an extended lift reach. Whatever your needs are when it comes to forklifts, we are happy to fulfill them. Our forklifts come in different power types including electric, diesel and liquid propane gas. They are designed to handle different terrains with systems that can be used indoors and outdoors. If you need a quiet forklift, we also have it in stock. We carry forklifts from major brands and promise to offer you a superior customer service. We’ll help you choose a style and power type that suits your application.

Used Forklifts

We offer used forklifts Toronto that are in good condition. Whether you need to buy or lease the forklift, be rest assured that we will offer a good product that will do the job. Depending on how old the forklift is, we may provide a manufacturer’s warranty. If you need to buy the used forklift, we will give you the maintenance records to show you that it has been well cared for and you shouldn’t expect any major difficulties when using it. Our technicians will even provide you with all the information you may need regarding the used forklift such as how long the forklift is required to last to help you make a more informed decision. We keep all repair records of our used forklifts to help clients keep track of minor repairs that may be required from time to time. We also offer expert advice and will help you to choose a suitable forklift for your application.

Forklift Parts

Find high quality forklift part Toronto from the number one dealer. You can rely on us to provide the best forklift parts in the area with extensive experience in repair and maintenance of forklifts. We know how important it is to get genuine parts whenever maintenance or repairs are done. That’s why our technicians will advise on top brands to prevent putting your machinery at risk of complete damage due to using low quality parts. We have extensive knowledge of different kinds of forklifts so it’s easy for us to detect problems and provide reliable solutions to keep your machinery in good working order. Get in touch with us for quality replacement parts and aftermarket parts.

Forklift Rentals

At Modern Fork Lift, we offer forklift rentals Toronto to a variety of businesses. Every machinery that we rent has been thoroughly inspected to ensure it’s safe and effective. Any forklift that requires repairs is not rented until all the maintenance and repairs are carried out. We also offer short and long term rentals to clients depending on their unique needs. We understand that you may need help choosing the right forklift for your application that’s why we offer knowledgeable technicians to help in the selection process. Our rentals will help you to save on costs and enjoy the safety and efficiency that comes with using a specialty equipment.

Forklift Leasing

If you are considering forklift leasing Toronto, you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes leasing a forklift is a more sensible option since you have low monthly payments as opposed to purchasing the machinery where you have to pay the complete amount. With this option, you can choose to either buy the forklift or return it and get a newer model. At Modern Fork Lift, we can help you determine if leasing is a suitable option for your business. We will provide efficient systems that offer the best performance in your application. All our forklifts are well maintained and undergo regular repairs to keep them in tip top shape.

Forklift Repair

Modern Fork Lift offers all kinds of repairs whether you have an electric, diesel or gas model. We have just the right experts to offer reliable forklift repair Toronto. Whatever problem you have with your forklift, you can be rest assured that our team will help you resolve it and ensure the machinery serves you for an extended period. We offer a very fast and reliable repair service. No need to have a forklift lying around in your business when you can have it repaired and use it. Get in touch with our expert technicians to find out what kind of repairs will keep the system up and running again.

Forklift Service/Forklift Maintenance

Forklifts require regular checkups and tune ups in order to ensure they perform their best. At Modern Fork Lift, we offer reliable forklift service Toronto. We have over 40 years of experience in maintenance and servicing of forklifts. We can offer you cost effective forklift servicing whenever you need it. Our experts will help you to determine the amount of maintenance your forklift requires depending on its age, type and how often it’s used. Other than the daily checks and visual inspections the driver conducts, your forklift needs to be assessed by a certified trained mechanic from time to time. We can help by offering dependable forklift maintenance.

Forklift Driver Training Toronto

Do you want to maintain a safe working environment when operating a forklift? Consider investing in forklift driver training Toronto. We are experts when it comes to driver training; making sure you comply with OSHA and keep everyone in the working environment safe. We can provide your drivers, from first-time drivers to those with experience in forklift driving, adequate training. Our training is done depending on the type of forklift you purchase as well as well as their mode of operation. We have professional instructors who can teach your drivers on how to drive forklifts and also obtain the certification required to meet OSHA standards.

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