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Forklift Battery Maintenance
How To Handle The Forklift Battery

A Toyota forklift battery is usually a big investment that you should do your best to protect. Protection starts with choosing the right weight and pairing it with the right forklift. It also helps to know the battery connector choices available and the right charging voltage. These will help you use and maintain the battery properly to extend its lifespan. You also need information about the right and wrong practices that will keep breakdowns minimal and allow you to maximize your investment. Forklift batteries are useful, but they can also be dangerous. Some tips that can help you handle these batteries cautiously include:

Using The Right Equipment

You should never try to move the battery on your own or by relying on your physical strength. It’s also essential that you don’t use the wrong equipment that could damage the battery. There is special apparatus that you can use to [...]

Rent Buy Lease Repair Toyota Forklift Toronto
Should You Choose a New or Used Toyota Forklift?

If you intend to invest in a robust Toyota forklift, you will have to make important decisions. It is crucial to first decide if you want to buy a used or new forklift. Keep in mind that each option has benefits and preferences that vary from one company to another. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you choose the type of forklift (either new or used).


The price of the product you wish to buy is one of the most important purchasing factors to consider. For you to know if you really need to invest in a new Toyota lift truck, you should analyze your business to find out if it has enough resources and if the operations warrant a new heavy equipment. Note that in most cases, you will notice that you don’t need a new equipment.

If you want to save money, [...]

As you go ahead to hire a forklift for your company from a forklift rental Toronto firm, you have to think of more than just the benefits you will accrue from your investment. The other thing you should have in mind is the safe use of the forklift to avoid accidents and injury to the people using the forklift and those around them as well damage to the goods you are handling. The first steps in the safe use of forklifts begins at the selection point of the forklift for rental. Here is a checklist to guide you on the safety precautions to take:

Get The Right Forklift For Your Needs And Ensure It Works Properly And Has All The Safety Features

Asses your needs and talk to the forklift rental company to help you select the forklift with specifications that match your needs. You need to know the maximum load capacity and adhere to it. Ensure [...]

Rent Forklift In Toronto

Renting a lift truck is a great option for many people who work in an area that involves the moving, loading and unloading of heavy material. It allows one to increase productivity of the company in handling the material without incurring the upfront costs and the maintenance costs. Getting a rental lift truck requires you to first get a reliable forklift rental Toronto. A proper research and looking at the reputations of different companies will set you in the right direction. When you finally make the shortlist there are several factors you will have to consider regarding the lift truck, your needs and way of use. Here are factors to consider when choosing a rental lift truck

Weight Capacity Requirements

This is the first factor to consider since different trucks have different weight capacities. Others like narrow aisle lift trucks sacrifice their weight capacity for maneuverability. This requires you to also know where the loads will [...]

Forklift Maintenance Toronto

When leasing or buying a forklift, most people rarely understand the importance of setting up an affordable maintenance program for the forklift before signing the contract to acquire a used or a new forklift.

Why Should You Set Up A Forklift Maintenance Program?

The following are the primary reasons you should have a cost effective maintenance program for your forklift;

  • To enhance the safety for the forklift operators and other staff
  • To minimize the costs associated with forklift maintenance
  • To control the expenses incurred in ensuring the forklift is in good working condition
  • Such a program will help you to track the costs incurred and this will enable you to make wise decisions regarding forklift maintenance or replacement
  • To ensure that the forklift retains its value especially during valuation

As a forklift buyer, it is advisable to negotiate the forklift’s maintenance prices and other details before you purchase the asset. This is because, [...]

Forklift Rental Toronto

With so many options available, finding the right forklift to rent for your workplace can be a very difficult proposition. Without a doubt, certain forklifts are better in certain situations than others. For that reason, it pays to not only do a little bit of research but to ask the experts to guide you, especially if you are new to forklift rentals Toronto. That said, there are a few things to consider before deciding on a machine. Let’s take a closer look.

Size Of The Warehouse Areas And Accessibility

Warehouse size is the first thing to consider when deciding on a rental forklift. A smaller warehouse with narrow aisles or warehouses with a number of floors which are accessed by elevators will require the services of a more compact model. In these scenarios, the best option is often a narrow aisle forklift or a ‘walkie’ as it is commonly known. Not only can they be used in [...]

Forklift Cleaning And Forklift Maintenance Toronto

To keep the equipment in peak performance, proper cleaning and maintenance is necessary for the forklift at recommended time intervals. Oil, grease and dirt build up can be the worst enemy to your forklift as they could prevent the proper operation of the different parts of the forklift. Removing this dirt, oil and grease build up ensures that the moveable parts of the forklift are free to move as required without any friction of abrasion going on. Whatever cleaning method used on the forklift should be able to capture the oils and dislodge the dirt build up.

Dusting And Rust Removal

First thing when cleaning a forklift should be to remove all the loose dirt and rust from the surface of the machine. Dusting from the top and working all the way down should get rid of most of the grime and dirt that is stuck onto the forklift surfaces. Dusting and rust removal clears the [...]

Forklift Parts Toronto

With time, your forklift maintenance measures will require you to purchase replacement parts for your machine. When it comes to forklift parts Toronto, there are plenty of options to choose from including both new and used forklift parts. Used forklift parts are often salvaged from older forklifts that have been damaged or cost too much to repair. They are often much cheaper than their new counterparts. When it comes to new forklift parts, there are also different options to consider including OEM parts and aftermarket parts.

With all these options in the market, which is the best option to choose? Genuine OEM parts are the best purchase you could make for the longevity and performance of your forklift for the following reasons.

Exact Original Specifications

No one can make forklift spare parts better than the manufacturer of the forklift. Original equipment manufacturer parts are reliable and made to the exact original specifications of your forklift factory parts. There is no risk of [...]

Forklift Rental Toronto

Forklifts are designed to be operated within certain limits. Staying within the limits is essential for safety, efficiency and ease of use. Load centres denote the middle parts of the lift trucks load from front to back. They can be arrived at by measuring the load carried and then dividing it by two. The load has to be evenly distributed with one edge touching the forklift backrest. The deeper and bulkier items normally increase the lead centre.

What Are Forklift Load Centres?

Understanding the concept of load centres is vital as it helps operators to keep the unit stable. Forklift operators who are not aware of the load capacity, will not only compromise their safety but also place everyone around them in danger. If the load leans forward it can cause the unit to get stuck in one place. If the load centre moves to the left or right, then it could lead to tilting [...]

Preventive Maintenance For Forklifts Toronto

Preventive maintenance is a program that is created  to ensure peak performance of the equipment. It also minimizes the chances of downtime. PM is the key to successful maintenance of forklifts Toronto. Through the preventive maintenance services, the machine is inspected, repaired and maintained in a manner to prevent flaws and accidents.

With a preventive program, you will take your forklifts for maintenance even when they don’t have any faults.


Preventive Maintenance Addresses The Following
  • Changing the engine oil and filter
  • Lubrication
  • Checking and adjusting the fluid levels
  • Inspecting the hydraulic components and hoses for leaks
  • Checking the electronic controls
  • Checking the operation of the brakes, steering, motors and safety components
  • Tuning up the engine if necessary
  • Changing the transmission fluid and filters
  • Inspecting the drums, wheel cylinders, repack bearings and axle seals among many other parts.
To Ensure That You Get Value From Your Pm Program Ensure That You Do The Following:
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