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We offer a wide range of lift trucks in order to suit the highest level of reliability and requirements of your worksite and business.

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Toronto’s First Choice for Used Forklifts

Just because the vehicle is used does not mean that it is close to the end of its useful lifespan. Companies re-sell their equipment for a number of reasons and sometimes a used truck may be almost new.

The important thing when purchasing used, is to know that the forklift that you are purchasing is in good condition and that you are purchasing it from someone who is willing to stand behind their product.

Whether you are purchasing or leasing your used truck, you can be sure that you are getting expert advice and a quality product from Modern Forklift.

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Choosing The Right Truck For Your Job Site

Our trained technicians will help to make sure that the fork lift you choose is a good fit for you and your business. If you’re not sure what you really need or want, we’ll take the time to talk about your work environment and the specific types of jobs that you need the forklift to perform in order to make the right recommendation for you.

Warrantees And Other Details

One reason that some people may be hesitant to purchase a used truck rather than a new one is the fact that with used, they feel they might have a few unwelcome surprises with the forklift once they get it back to the job site. A reputable dealer however, will always be willing to give you as much information as possible about what you are buying.

When our customers buy used forklifts from us, they will always be made aware of the following details:


Depending on how old the used forklift is, it may or may not have a manufacturer’s warranty left on it. We will provide you will all necessary information on any warrantee that your used lift truck may have.

Age Of The Lift Truck

Every model of forklift has a certain amount of economic lifespan that it is expected to reach. When you purchase from us, our technicians can provide you with information about both the age of the forklift you are purchasing, along with information on how long that particular forklift should last if it is well cared for.

Maintenance Records

This is one of the most important things to acquire when purchasing used. If a lift truck has been well cared for through regular planned maintenance, it is a good indication that you are not going to run into major difficulties in the short term.

Repair Records

Unplanned repairs are another thing you should know about. In some cases, they may be minor, but in other cases they may indicate that there is an area of the machine that you will need to keep an eye on.

Used Forklifts

If you are looking to purchase a used forklift in or around the Toronto area then you really need to speak to our trained service members so they can help you find just what you are looking for.  Maybe you can’t afford to purchase it, well we also have the option to lease used equipment.

Sometimes used is a better fit to your needs and budget and that’s alright. We carry used forklifts as well as brand new ones. When it comes to used, it doesn’t always mean that the end of life of the machine is right around the corner. Companies sell their used equipment for many reasons, and if you know that the equipment is in good working order then used may just be the way to go when it comes to fitting it into the business budget.

The other thing concerning used equipment is that not only do you want to know the machine is in good working order but that the company you are purchasing from stands behind their product. When you purchase a used lift truck from us, you can be assured of both of these things.


Purchasing a used forklift can be an economical way to acquire an important and useful asset for your Toronto business.  Contact us today to discuss your options.

Great prices and superior customer service help make Modern Fork Lift the Toronto leader in used forklift sales and service

Trust is a critical factor when investing in any business machinery

Especially when purchasing pre-owned equipment, it is important to deal with a reputable dealer and for over 40 years, we have been supplying the Toronto area with the top makes of lift trucks, new and used, from the best names in the industry – Caterpillar, Hyster, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan, Toyota and Yale. Not only can you count on the forklift you are purchasing being in good condition, you know that we will stand behind every item we sell.

What we offer when it comes to used forklifts

If you need a forklift but your business budget won’t allow you to purchase a new one we have used forklifts for sale and for lease. Each one has been checked over to ensure it is in the best working condition, we also stand behind our used products in and around Toronto.  Along with a wide variety of used lift trucks for you to purchase or lease we make sure you have all information on that forklift.

We make sure you as a customer are made aware of any warranty information from the manufacture that is left on the forklift (if it has any warranty left depending on its age).

We make sure you are aware of the age of the forklift and how long that forklift should last with the proper care and maintenance.

We also make sure that maintenance and repair records are available. Even if the lift truck is used, if it has been maintained with good records kept you can be fairly confident that you are not going to run into major problems. If there have been any minor or major repairs then our team members can then tell you if there is anything you should keep an eye on or any trouble that might arise.

Why come see us?

If you need to purchase or lease a used forklift in or around Toronto then you need to visit us so we can help you choose the right lift truck for you whether you are buying or leasing. We will make sure you have all the information from warranties, maintenance records, and the age of the forklift. We can make sure that you will get the best quality for your money. Our team members provide superior customer services when it comes to helping you make the right decision for you and your business.

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