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Forklift Dealer in Toronto

At Modern Forklift we have the best quality new forklift for sale in Toronto. We offer a wide range of forklifts for sale to meet the highest level of reliability and requirements of your worksite and business.

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New forklifts are the best choice for Toronto businesses that require the highest level of reliability and the best warrantees for their vehicles.

 With so many forklift models in different shapes and sizes, buying a new forklift that’s ideal for your needs is important. Whether you need a forklift for a loading dock or a small construction site, we offer the best lift trucks for your Toronto business. Let us know your unique handling requirements and we’ll be happy to provide a vehicle that’s perfect for the job. Investing in a reliable forklift is crucial since it directly impacts on your worker’s productivity and final output. That’s why our vehicles come with reasonable warranties. You can rest assured that our forklifts will provide you with an unmatched service all through. Let us be your go-to experts for anything forklift-related. We are fully dedicated to providing superior service and a variety of equipment to fit all your forklift rental needs. Whether you need a narrow aisle forklift or an electric powered lift truck, we will work with you to find exactly what you need. The best part is, our forklifts won’t break your budget. We know that every business owner is looking for efficiency and performance when renting equipment. Our equipment is, therefore, well maintained to guarantee top-notch functionality.

Forklifts For Sale At Modern Forklift


These are specialty machines which offer better access than other types of forklift.

Reach trucks

This type of vehicle has forks that can reach great heights (in excess of 10 metres in some models) and are intended for warehouse use. They have a low undercarriage and use stabilizing legs rather than a counterbalance.

Counterbalance truck

The most common style of lift truck, these vehicles have forks in the front and are able to drive directly up to the load in order to lift it.

Three wheel counterbalance truck

In these vehicles the lifting mechanism works the same way as it does in the standard counterbalance. The three wheel configuration (two in the front and one in the back), allows for maximum maneuverability in tight spaces.


As the name suggests, these trucks lift and carry their load on the side instead of in the front. Sideloaders are often used when the load is long (such as lumber) and might cause a front loaded vehicle to lose stability.


Modern Forklift carries the top brands of new forklifts for sale and offers superior customer service, making us the preferred choice of forklift dealer in Toronto. If you are interested in buying new forklifts, speak to one of our professional staff members today to learn about how we can help your business and what purchase options are available.

Counterbalance Style

The most common style of forklift, they have forks in the front so they are able to drive right up to the load and lift it.

Three Wheel Counterbalance Style

The lift portion works the same as the regular counterbalance but the 3 wheel system allows for better maneuverability with two wheels in the front and one in the back.

Reach Style

Intended for warehouse use they have extended lift reach, in some cases as much as 10 meters. They have low undercarriage and use legs for stabilizing in place of counterbalance.

Side Loader Style

As the name suggests, this model carries its load on the side instead of in the front. This style is often used for long loads such as lumber or long lengths of pipes that may cause a front load lift truck to lose stability.


These are specialty forklifts that provide better access than other styles of forklifts.

Power Types

Along with the styles the power types are electric, diesel, and liquid propane gas. Each one handles different terrain, and types of use such as indoor and outdoor. If you need a quiet forklift and it is used inside all the time, then electric may just be right for you depending on what style you need.

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