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Regular maintenance is the best way for businesses to ensure that they get as much life as possible out of their machinery

With over 40 years’ experience in forklift service, we are Toronto’s premier provider of maintenance and regular service for lift trucks.

Planned service is always preferable over emergency repairs. It is more cost effective, and you won’t have the inconvenience of having your forklift in the shop at a time that you were planning to use it on the worksite. That’s why we offer a variety of scheduled maintenance options – simply choose the plan that best suits your business needs.

If you are unsure of what kind of maintenance you’ll require, one of our expert technicians will be happy to assist you.

How Much Maintenance Is Recommended?

Lift trucks are sturdy vehicles but still require regular check-ups and tune-ups to keep them at their best. How often this is needed however, will depend on a number of factors including age, type of vehicle, frequency of use and so forth. The following are some maintenance guidelines.

Some maintenance you can do yourself. This includes your operators’ daily checks and visual inspections. Other maintenance needs to be performed by a qualified forklift mechanic.

Every 200 hours of operation (approximately monthly with average use), the chassis should be lubricated, and the oil and air filter should be changed. During this maintenance, engine idle speed should be adjusted and there should be an inspection of belts and spark plugs.

After each 600 hours of operation, inspections of hand brake, mast operation, carriage rollers and hydraulic oil pump should be conducted. This is also the time to replace the fuel filter.

Finally, after every 1200 hours an inspection of brake booster operation should be conducted and wheel bearing grease, engine coolant and brake fluid should be changed.

Tire Maintenance

Having tires that are in good condition is critical to the safe and efficient operation of you lift truck. Problems with tires can result in the vehicle becoming unstable which affects the safety of the machine and it can also lead to mechanical problems as a result of the added stress. Operators should be trained to look for and recognize any tire damage and to report it immediately.

It is far better to repair or replace tires than to have larger and costlier repairs later on.

OHSA Compliance

Regular maintenance of your lift truck will also help you to comply with the Ontario Health and Safety Act (OHSA). According to OHSA, a forklift must be taken out of service if it is unsafe. Machines with missing bolts, broken welds, worn tires or malfunctioning gauges should not be operated on the job site.

Why Choose Us?

At Modern Forklift, we understand that you would much rather have your lift truck working for your business operations than sitting at the mechanic’s.  That’s why we pride ourselves on performing your maintenance both quickly and thoroughly (so you can be confident of a job well done). Our expert technicians and quality service are what sets us apart from other maintenance providers in Toronto.

Forklift Service

Modern Forklift is the premier provider of scheduled services on forklift in the Toronto area. With over 40 years of experience in maintenance and regular service to forklifts, we can offer you the best service available.

Planned service are always better than emergency repairs – it is also more cost effective. If your forklift is in the shop due to an emergency repair at a time you really need it, it is not only costing you money in repair but it’s also costing you in business productivity because you are not able to use your forklift to get the work done that needs to be done.

How much maintenance should be done?

The amount of maintenance will depend on a few factors such as age, type of forklift, and frequency of use to name a few. While forklifts are sturdy vehicles, they should receive regular maintenance in order to get the maximum life span of the forklift.

While some maintenance can be conducted by the driver such as daily checks and visual inspections other maintenance needs to be done by certified trained mechanics.

If you are a Toronto business owner who is unsure what maintenance needs to be done on your forklift, we can help.

Maintenance schedules

  • Every 200 hours (monthly in most cases) your forklift will need the chassis lubricated; the oil and filter should also be changed. During this maintenance check, the idle speed of the engine should be adjusted and belts and spark plugs should be inspected.

  • Once you’ve reached 600 hours, you need to inspect hand brakes, mast operation, carriage rollers and hydraulic oil pumps to ensure they are in good working order. This is also the time to change the fuel filter.

  • After every 1200 hours brake booster operations should be inspected, wheel bearings greased, engine coolant and brake fluid should be changed.

  • Tire maintenance should be performed by operators who have been taught what to look for if they find any damage it should be reported immediately. Tire damage can cause instability and damage to the lift truck as well a hazard to employees. By keeping the tires in good shape and replacing the tires when needed you can avoid more costly repairs from damage due to bad tires.

  • OSHA Compliance requires regular maintenance of your forklift to keep it working safely. If any bolts are missing, welds broken, bad tires, or gauges not working properly OSHA says that the forklift must be taken out of service on the job site until repairs are made.

Need help with maintenance schedules, OSHA Compliance, or questions?

Many businesses in and around Toronto may have questions concerning maintenance schedules or being OSHA compliant with regular maintenance we have answers for those questions. If you are unsure of how often your forklift needs maintenance give us a call we can help you determine what your maintenance needs are by looking at several factors.

By keeping regular maintenance on your forklifts you will get the most out of their life span and keep them in safe working order.

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