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  • March 2, 2018
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Industrial trucks are arguably one of the greatest technological inventions the world has ever seen. They have continued to be used multi-purposely in several industries. It is interesting to learn that Komatsu industrial forklift rental in Richmond Hill can be used in farming activities.

Below are some of the extensive uses of Komatsu industrial trucks for farming: Hay barrels

Large heaps of hay can be too heavy to carry around the farm. However, the use of forklifts has made it easier and quicker. The industrial trucks are now commonly used for lifting, carrying, and transporting hay bales and hay barrels. Each hay barrel weighs around 2,000 pounds.

Lifting or shifting heavy items

Farm supplies, equipment, tools, animal produce, animal feeds, bulk bags, fencing, and dead animals can easily be lifted or shifted from one place to another using the industrial trucks.


Forklifts can be used to tow objects which are too heavy to be lifted with other machinery. For example, trailers, tractors, and other [...]

Forklifts are somewhat large machines with considerable power and several moving parts. With this in mind, you might think forklift training Brampton is obvious. However, when you take a look at the statistics relating to forklift accidents, you will be astonished. There are about 85 fatalities every year, 35 thousand accidents resulting in serious injury and 61 thousand resulting in non-serious injury. These are figures from OSHA. These alarmingly high numbers leave you wondering if forklift operators are getting proper training. Prior to making any conclusion, it is good to understand the root cause of forklift accidents.

Forklift training will not be enough if you don’t make the effort to avoid the root causes of accidents. According to OSHA, here are the main causes of the fatal accidents:

  • Being crushed by a tipping over forklift accounts for 42% of forklift fatalities
  • Being crushed between different surfaces and the forklift makes up for 25% of the total [...]

Forklifts are common on construction sites, warehouses, and distribution centers. Each of these settings has its own unique challenges. With the warehouses and distribution centers, the floors are flat but the operator has to keep a keen eye on the width of aisles. Construction sites offer the most challenges even for an operator with a forklift license Ontario. There are so many things to worry about including the rough floor, falling debris, and other equipment. The good news is that proper forklift training can help improve job site safety and boost efficiency.

Meet safety standards and avoid hefty fines

Meeting the safety standards is the number one reason why forklift training is so important. Every now and then, the Ministry of Workplace Health and Safety sponsors national inspections. The inspections focus on evidence of updated training certification for the forklift operators and safe work surfaces as well as proper compliance with the material and traffic regulations. [...]

Operating a forklift seems like a simple job that requires minimal training. However, when you understand the risk that comes with the mishandling of this somewhat simple machinery you will appreciate the importance of continuous training. It is with proper training that operators are able to maintain a safe working environment and safe operating forklifts. The training also ensures you secure a job easily, be in compliance with the OSHA and never worry about hefty fines. But how do you choose a good course in forklift training Toronto?

Refresher lessons

Warehouse and materials handling management usually hire experienced operators who have worked with forklifts for years. One thing you need to understand is that even if an operator has decades of experience, they will not pass the official safety inspection if they have not received any recent training. A good operator must have completed forklift training in the last three years. The refresher courses are aimed at retraining basic [...]

Distribution centers, warehouses, and construction sites are the most common settings you will find forklifts. While distribution centers and warehouses are remarkably flat, the construction sites are riddled with ditches, bumps and a range of other hazards which can cause disasters if the operator of a forklift is not careful. Having a valid forklift license Ontario is a plus for forklift operators but being hyper-vigilant is what you need to do to ace it as a forklift operator in a construction site. There are so many things to worry about here and not just falling debris.

It is a no-brainer that forklift operators in a construction site must have the appropriate equipment training. This is for the simple reason that proper training is the top defense in preventing accidents. By understanding the various forklift principals, the operator is able to make better decisions while operating the forklift. What is more is that the construction site has innumerable [...]

Is your business faced with seasonal peaks or inconsistent production schedules? If so, renting will make more economic sense than buying or leasing. A short-term forklift rental will cater to your short-term requirements.Whether your business requires the equipment for a single project or seasonal work, getting the best forklift truck rental in Etobicoke is the most cost-effective approach.

Below are factors to consider when hiring the best forklift truck rentals: Why You Need to Rent a Forklift

During peak times, some businesses may require more forklifts to finish the transportation task quickly. Many start-up companies may lack sufficient funds to purchase forklift trucks.  The forklifts truck rentals are available at reasonable rates and can be rented when needed. You can also keep them for days, weeks and months. Once the job is done the renting company will come to collect them.What if you’ve seasonal peaks and your lift truck is unable to cater for the increased workload? [...]

The forklift is a somewhat simple piece of equipment that can save a lot of time, money as well as improve efficiency. However, for you to enjoy the many benefits that come with this piece of machinery, it is imperative that you learn to operate it properly. There are many institutions offering forklift training Mississauga but which one should you go with? Your choice needs to be based on the skills you need, your experience as well as the reputation of the institution. In addition to that, you have to be familiar with the key skills that a forklift operator should have so that you select a course that covers every aspect of your desired training. Here are the skills that you must have as an operator.

Good judgment

All the training in the world will not do much if you have poor judgment. The work of a forklift operator involves transporting heavy or cumbersome cargo in [...]

Are you wondering if your business needs a used forklift or a brand-new one? Well, if you have an unlimited budget, you wouldn’t mind going for a sparkly new forklift with the latest technology. On the other hand, if you are cash-strapped, you would choose a used forklift because it makes economic sense. There are quite a few dealers who offer used and new forklifts for sale in Toronto. And they have a variety of options for you to choose from.However, make sure that the used lift truck is in shape. Remember, forklifts are used to carry heavy objects in construction companies, dockyards, and warehouses.Buying used equipment can be risky especially if it’s from an individual. Look for a certified dealer. Most dealers are trustworthy and have a reputation to keep.

Let’s now get down to business: When to choose a used vs. new forklift for sale

New forklifts can handle heavy use and multiple shifts. Besides, most experts say that a carefully inspected used forklift is the best option if [...]

In the materials handling facility, forklifts serve a very important purpose. They are indispensable pieces of equipment that make it possible for a single person to complete huge amounts of work that would otherwise have been done by dozens of men. When used properly, forklifts can save a lot of time, money, increase job site safety and prove to be a reliable investment. Forklift training Toronto is designed to improve the proper handling of these pieces of equipment. However, for you to enjoy the most benefits, it is crucial that you adhere to these safety practices.

Training and more training

Studies show that basic operator training leads to a 61 percent improvement in the competence. On the other hand, having no formal training or insufficient training will lead not only to serious injuries but also weaken the bottom-line of a company. This is a simple fact, that in addition to hurting themselves and others, the untrained operators [...]

If you are looking forward to buying a Komatsu industrial forklift for sale in Peel, don’t worry about a thing. We’ve got you covered.
Komatsu is a market leader and arguably the leading provider of industrial trucks and equipment design. Only a few companies can match the excellent quality and efficiency of Komatsu industrial trucks.

With that out of the way:

Komatsu industrial trucks are widely used in construction sites, factories, warehouses, mining sites, and manufacturing units all over the world. They are also used to lift loads located at certain heights and transport a variety of goods and materials across borders.
Komatsu industrial trucks are durable, strong, and have high performance. They are designed to carry all kinds of loads and require low maintenance. There are a variety of models to choose from.

Here’s an easy and simple guide to buying Komatsu industrial trucks in Peel: Types of industrial trucks

There are two types of [...]

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