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There are two common types of forklifts available today – internal combustion engine forklifts popularly known as IC forklifts and electric forklifts. We’ll go over the pros and cons of these fuel options to help you make an informed decision.

What’s an electric forklift?

In recent years, electric forklifts have become widely recognized in the market. Today, they account for more than 60% of forklift sales in the region. This is perhaps due to the advanced technology that enables manufacturing of electric forklifts that are just as reliable in terms of performance and runtime as the combustion engine forklifts. These forklifts have newer and improved batteries, better motor technologies and improved voltage outputs.

With an electric forklift, you get to enjoy the following advantages:

  • The forklift is powered by electrical energy meaning that unlike other sources of energy like batteries or fuel cells, there’s no exhaust emission which could be potentially harmful to the [...]

Forklift maintenance is important not only if you’re looking to save time and money but also reduce downtime and ensure all tasks are completed as scheduled. During maintenance, the technician may recommend replacement of parts that are worn out or faulty in order to improve the performance of your forklift. There are certain forklift parts that are often replaced during maintenance. We’ll go over them below and briefly explain what function the parts serve and why they may need to be replaced.

Air filters

Like in most systems, air filters in forklifts serve the purpose of making sure the air running through the forklift’s internal combustion engine is clean and free of contaminants. A functional air filter is what ensures that dirt and debris don’t find a way into your forklift’s engine and affect its performance which is why it must be replaced often.

Forklift batteries

On average, forklift batteries in Toronto can last for 5 years [...]

When you buy a forklift, one of the decisions you’ll have to make is choosing the appropriate maintenance plan. There are different maintenance plans offered by dealers. These can be broadly categorized as full maintenance and planned maintenance. With a planned maintenance plan, expect to pay a fee every month for servicing which is done at regular intervals. However, this monthly fee possibly doesn’t include any replacement parts or fixes that may be required during servicing. A full maintenance plan may cover all servicing requirements at a monthly fee.

The benefits of having a maintenance plan

If you’re keen on reducing downtime in your business, consider purchasing a forklift maintenance plan. With routine maintenance, you can catch problems early and increase your uptime by making sure technicians replace faulty parts quickly and effectively. When your forklift gets the care it needs consistently, you increase its lifespan. It will serve you for longer and more effectively. [...]

Proper handling and regular maintenance can help to enhance the lifespan of a forklift. There’s a proper way of taking care of forklift batteries. The goal is to secure your investment, minimize downtime and spend less time and money on repairs. We’ll go over some common forklift maintenance and handling best practices that you should be aware of.

Know how to handle forklift batteries properly

Unlike the ordinary car battery which is so easy to replace because of its small size and accessibility, most forklifts for sale in Ontario come with batteries that are heavy and hard to maneuver. In fact, they can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. Here’s how to handle your forklift battery:

  • Always use special equipment to move the forklift battery. The batteries are too heavy, and having a single person moving them can be extremely dangerous. A walkie pallet jack can come in handy at this stage.
  • Battery handling should [...]

Forklift batteries need to be properly maintained in order for them to last longer and to avoid irreparable damage. One of the activities conducted during maintenance is battery filling. Flooded lead acid batteries, which are often used to power forklifts undergo a process known as gassing whenever they are recharged. In this process, the batteries lose substantial amounts of water and this affects the electrolyte level and consequently the performance of the battery. Refilling is done to help maintain the proper electrolyte level and also prevent permanent battery damage.

Battery refilling can be done manually by opening each cell of a battery individually and then adding water. This manual process can be time-consuming; hence the AquaPro system was introduced.

What is AquaPro?

AquaPro watering in Toronto is a system that allows flooded lead-acid battery refilling to be done from a single point, without having to open each cell of the battery individually. This single point watering system saves [...]

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  • Comments Off on Widespread Utilization of Komatsu Industrial Trucks in Richmond Hill Farms

Industrial trucks are arguably one of the greatest technological inventions the world has ever seen. They have continued to be used multi-purposely in several industries. It is interesting to learn that Komatsu industrial forklift rental in Richmond Hill can be used in farming activities.

Below are some of the extensive uses of Komatsu industrial trucks for farming: Hay barrels

Large heaps of hay can be too heavy to carry around the farm. However, the use of forklifts has made it easier and quicker. The industrial trucks are now commonly used for lifting, carrying, and transporting hay bales and hay barrels. Each hay barrel weighs around 2,000 pounds.

Lifting or shifting heavy items

Farm supplies, equipment, tools, animal produce, animal feeds, bulk bags, fencing, and dead animals can easily be lifted or shifted from one place to another using the industrial trucks.


Forklifts can be used to tow objects which are too heavy to be lifted with other machinery. For example, trailers, tractors, and other [...]

Is your business faced with seasonal peaks or inconsistent production schedules? If so, renting will make more economic sense than buying or leasing. A short-term forklift rental will cater to your short-term requirements.Whether your business requires the equipment for a single project or seasonal work, getting the best forklift truck rental in Etobicoke is the most cost-effective approach.

Below are factors to consider when hiring the best forklift truck rentals: Why You Need to Rent a Forklift

During peak times, some businesses may require more forklifts to finish the transportation task quickly. Many start-up companies may lack sufficient funds to purchase forklift trucks.  The forklifts truck rentals are available at reasonable rates and can be rented when needed. You can also keep them for days, weeks and months. Once the job is done the renting company will come to collect them.What if you’ve seasonal peaks and your lift truck is unable to cater for the increased workload? [...]

Are you wondering if your business needs a used forklift or a brand-new one? Well, if you have an unlimited budget, you wouldn’t mind going for a sparkly new forklift with the latest technology. On the other hand, if you are cash-strapped, you would choose a used forklift because it makes economic sense. There are quite a few dealers who offer used and new forklifts for sale in Toronto. And they have a variety of options for you to choose from.However, make sure that the used lift truck is in shape. Remember, forklifts are used to carry heavy objects in construction companies, dockyards, and warehouses.Buying used equipment can be risky especially if it’s from an individual. Look for a certified dealer. Most dealers are trustworthy and have a reputation to keep.

Let’s now get down to business: When to choose a used vs. new forklift for sale

New forklifts can handle heavy use and multiple shifts. Besides, most experts say that a carefully inspected used forklift is the best option if [...]

If you are looking forward to buying a Komatsu industrial forklift for sale in Peel, don’t worry about a thing. We’ve got you covered.
Komatsu is a market leader and arguably the leading provider of industrial trucks and equipment design. Only a few companies can match the excellent quality and efficiency of Komatsu industrial trucks.

With that out of the way:

Komatsu industrial trucks are widely used in construction sites, factories, warehouses, mining sites, and manufacturing units all over the world. They are also used to lift loads located at certain heights and transport a variety of goods and materials across borders.
Komatsu industrial trucks are durable, strong, and have high performance. They are designed to carry all kinds of loads and require low maintenance. There are a variety of models to choose from.

Here’s an easy and simple guide to buying Komatsu industrial trucks in Peel: Types of industrial trucks

There are two types of [...]

Convenient, Affordable Forklift Leasing Options In Toronto

Modern Fork Lift will provide your business these options
Forklift Leasing in Toronto
Leasing for your Toronto area business through Modern Fork Lift provides you with flexible options that can grow and change with you

Unlike the outright purchase of any vehicle or piece of machinery, leasing provides you with more affordable payments and the option to conveniently switch to another forklift at the end of the term. This gives you more flexibility so that as your business needs change, you can meet them effectively and at a better cost.

Save your company money with the convenience of affordable, easy terms on a forklift lease

Unless you are sure that owning a forklift is the right path for your business, you should consider the advantages of Modern Fork Lift’s easy leasing programs for Toronto area companies.

  • Lower monthly payments. A lease is often much less expensive than the terms of a sale so you can save the company money or ease the cash flow through equipment leasing.
  • [...]
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