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Why Choose Genuine Parts for Your Used Forklift?

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With time, your forklift maintenance measures will require you to purchase replacement parts for your machine. When it comes to forklift parts Toronto, there are plenty of options to choose from including both new and used forklift parts. Used forklift parts are often salvaged from older forklifts that have been damaged or cost too much to repair. They are often much cheaper than their new counterparts. When it comes to new forklift parts, there are also different options to consider including OEM parts and aftermarket parts.

With all these options in the market, which is the best option to choose? Genuine OEM parts are the best purchase you could make for the longevity and performance of your forklift for the following reasons.

Exact Original Specifications

No one can make forklift spare parts better than the manufacturer of the forklift. Original equipment manufacturer parts are reliable and made to the exact original specifications of your forklift factory parts. There is no risk of errors like measurement mistakes that could affect the performance of the parts. With genuine parts, you are assured of quality and effective service.

Short-Term Savings, Long-Term Problems

When it comes to aftermarket and used replacement parts for forklifts, the issues of short term saving and long term problems come up. Sure, used and aftermarket replacement parts are a cheaper alternative to the original especially when you are strapped for cash. However, the problems caused by using non-genuine parts can be costly in the long run. Using the wrong parts can damage other components in your forklift leading to more costly repairs. These parts cannot outlast OEM parts and will need replacement just a couple of steps down the road.

Costly Downtime

The reason for getting your forklift repaired as soon as possible is to maintain workplace performance productivity. However, if your machinery keeps breaking down from using cheap replacement parts, you do not only lose a lot of money on purchasing these parts but also lose out on productivity, which affects your entire business operation.

Overpriced Imitations

Finally, when buying non-genuine replacement parts for your forklifts, it is easy to get swindled into buying overpriced low quality imitations of what you want. There is not real guarantee of getting true quality for value. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to the proven and genuine OEM parts from reputable dealers.

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