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What forklift parts need to be replaced more often?

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Forklift maintenance is important not only if you’re looking to save time and money but also reduce downtime and ensure all tasks are completed as scheduled. During maintenance, the technician may recommend replacement of parts that are worn out or faulty in order to improve the performance of your forklift. There are certain forklift parts that are often replaced during maintenance. We’ll go over them below and briefly explain what function the parts serve and why they may need to be replaced.

Air filters

Like in most systems, air filters in forklifts serve the purpose of making sure the air running through the forklift’s internal combustion engine is clean and free of contaminants. A functional air filter is what ensures that dirt and debris don’t find a way into your forklift’s engine and affect its performance which is why it must be replaced often.

Forklift batteries

On average, forklift batteries in Toronto can last for 5 years without the need for replacement. However, if the batteries are not well maintained, the replacement will be necessary much sooner. To find out if your forklift battery needs replacement, the most common sign is the loss of charge. If the battery charge doesn’t last and degrades after a few hours of use, it often needs to be replaced.

Oil filter

Oil filters are designed to ensure that clean oil is running through the internal combustion engine. When the forklift’s engine is exposed to contaminated oil, it is more likely to experience wear and tear due to increased friction. Replacing the oil filters during forklift maintenance helps to ensure the engine is adequately protected.

Forklift chain

Forklift chains wear out with time. If the chain stretches or degrades, it needs to be replaced immediately before it interferes with the performance of the forklift. A degraded forklift chain can fail anytime causing serious losses or even injuries to the people around. A forklift maintenance expert can measure the level of stretch and elongation of a forklift chain and then advice if a replacement is necessary.

Forklift pedal pads

Forklifts contain rubber pads on the brake pedals or accelerator which helps to minimize the risk of an operator’s foot slipping off the pedal and causing an accident. When the rubber pads wear down, they need to be replaced immediately to ensure the forklift is safe to operate.

Forklift spark plugs

Spark plugs are very important components in a forklift. They help to prevent downtime by ensuring the fuel is kept clean. Over time, the spark plugs are exposed to dirt and hinder the process of extracting energy from fuel. They must be replaced for the forklift to perform reliably.

Forklift horn

Forklift horns are an important safety component. The operator relies on the forklift horn to alert people around when the equipment is approaching or backing up. When the horn wears out, it is important to have it replaced. Replacement should only be done by a technician with experience who understands where the forklift horn components are located.

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