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What Exactly Is A Preventive Maintenance Service For Forklifts?

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Preventive maintenance is a program that is created  to ensure peak performance of the equipment. It also minimizes the chances of downtime. PM is the key to successful maintenance of forklifts Toronto. Through the preventive maintenance services, the machine is inspected, repaired and maintained in a manner to prevent flaws and accidents.

With a preventive program, you will take your forklifts for maintenance even when they don’t have any faults.


Preventive Maintenance Addresses The Following

  • Changing the engine oil and filter
  • Lubrication
  • Checking and adjusting the fluid levels
  • Inspecting the hydraulic components and hoses for leaks
  • Checking the electronic controls
  • Checking the operation of the brakes, steering, motors and safety components
  • Tuning up the engine if necessary
  • Changing the transmission fluid and filters
  • Inspecting the drums, wheel cylinders, repack bearings and axle seals among many other parts.

To Ensure That You Get Value From Your Pm Program Ensure That You Do The Following:

  • Use trained and qualified persons for the maintenance services. Before you hire experts for scheduled maintenance, you have to research and get one who is most qualified for the job. A trained and qualified person will be able to design for you a program that will give your machine maximum protection.
  • Keeping your machine clean will make it easier for the technicians to identify faults and warn out parts. Ensure that your machine is cleaned regularly since dirt build up may cover up faults. Too much dirt can also increase the rate of wear and tear.
  • Always conduct physical checks to ensure that the equipment is in good condition. If you identify any faults, take it for servicing immediately. Don’t wait for the scheduled date.
  • Don’t miss the maintenance schedule: Even if you have a busy timetable, you should never miss your maintenance schedules. Many people abandon their PM programs because they feel that the program is taking up too much of their time. However, the little time you spend with the maintenance personnel can boost the productivity and thus it is totally worth it. The maintenance personnel also have a wealth of knowledge, contributions and ideas that you can learn from.

With regular maintenance, you can prevent major downtime and repair costs. Broken parts will be identified early enough and fixed before the damage becomes extensive. Repair costs for extensive damage might be as high as the cost of buying a truck. Thus, consider PM services to avoid incurring such huge costs.

An expert will access several factors to come up with a schedule that suits you best. The schedules are based on hours or months of use. With regular maintenance, you will get the most out of the lifespan and keep everyone safe.

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