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Vital Areas Covered in Forklift Training

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Forklifts are common on construction sites, warehouses, and distribution centers. Each of these settings has its own unique challenges. With the warehouses and distribution centers, the floors are flat but the operator has to keep a keen eye on the width of aisles. Construction sites offer the most challenges even for an operator with a forklift license Ontario. There are so many things to worry about including the rough floor, falling debris, and other equipment. The good news is that proper forklift training can help improve job site safety and boost efficiency.

Meet safety standards and avoid hefty fines

Meeting the safety standards is the number one reason why forklift training is so important. Every now and then, the Ministry of Workplace Health and Safety sponsors national inspections. The inspections focus on evidence of updated training certification for the forklift operators and safe work surfaces as well as proper compliance with the material and traffic regulations. Considering there is a hefty fine of up to $7,000 for violations, it is your duty as an employer to ensure your facility meets all the requirements.Comprehensive training programs should be made available for the equipment operators. The training should not just focus on the new operators but also include training the trainers who are in supervisory and management positions. The right programs cover everything from elevated platforms to overhead crane use. These courses can help your employee to get a forklift license and be more proficient in crisis management, forklift maintenance, operation, and repair as well as learn about the replacement of the propane tank.

Improve workplace safety and efficiency

The main objective of forklift training is to improve workplace safety and efficiency. In addition to the standard training, training institutions also offer a wide range of instructional support materials as well as training kits which you can use to complement the in-house training in your facility. These materials include video training kits which offer comprehensive details on all the aspects of efficient and safe forklift operation. The video may include details on counterbalance, pallet truck safety, and narrow aisle reach. You can also get a refresher forklift training video which may be accompanied by written guidelines, testing materials, and exercises.

Learn to identify hazards and be proactive

Still, in line with preventing workplace accidents, additional training videos can be provided to promote awareness and compliance of various hazardous materials. The materials cover such areas as how to identify hazards, properly read labels and protect oneself from illness and accidents. You will also get binders, training charts and other support materials.

Workplace safety always comes first when it comes to tasks involving forklifts. If you have watched YouTube videos on forklift accidents or taken a look at the OSHA’s statistics on forklift accidents, then you understand how important proper training is. You must also remember to complete additional training at least once every three years in order to keep your license. It is important that whatever demands your company has, to never allow an untrained person to operate a forklift.

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