Here Are The Signs That Your Forklift Is Ready To Retire

Here Are The Signs That Your Forklift Is Ready To Retire

There are a number of signs you should watch out for when you have a forklift that you think may be getting towards the end of its life. The last thing you want to do is to risk having it breakdown when you really need it or to risk worker safety. The repetitive use of carrying heavy loads takes its toll on the equipment’s moving parts over time. Though regular, yearly routine maintenance can help a lot, that only goes so far.


Whether or not you decide to rent a forklift for your business will ultimately depend on your company’s needs and circumstances. And whether you are leaning toward buying or renting, the professionals at Modern Forklift can help you come up with the best solution for your Toronto business.

Forklift Ready To Retire

Here Are The Signs That Your Forklift Is Ready To Retire

Signs Of Forklift Reaching End Of Life

There comes a point where using an older forklift does not make safety related or financial sense. This is its ‘end of life’. They have a higher than average risk for use and they cost more to maintain. There are five signs that a forklift is reaching its end of life:

  •        If a forklift has been in operation for more than 10,000 operating hours, it needs to a safety check. It is not uncommon for a forklift to last as long as 20,000 operating hours.
  •       If the forklift’s maintenance costs have more than doubled in the past year, check your balances. It may not make financial sense to keep certain forklifts other than others.
  •    If a forklift has more downtime than uptime, it may be a candidate to retire.
  •    If there are more than four work orders that have been placed on a forklift in the past year, even if it’s just small fixes, it may be a sign your forklift is on its last legs.
  •    If its safety features are out of date and it is posing a security risk, it may be time to retire it.

Dangers Of Keeping An Old Forklift

The dangers of keeping a forklift around longer than recommended are very serious. The older and more worn a forklift is, the more likely it is to fail. Dropping loads, jerking motions while driving, a sudden loss of power, equipment freezing up, and fluid leaks are some of the riskier consequences of keeping an older forklift. These are the sort of things that no manager wants to have happen out on the floor.

Buying Used Forklifts

The forklift is an essential tool of the trade for shipping, receiving, picking, and putaway. If you own your forklifts, when it’s time to replace yours, it may be worth considering buying them used. We pride ourselves on our vast selection of refurbished, used forklifts for sale in Toronto and the GTA. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for more information on the available selection.

Like any type of equipment, your forklift needs to be retired—sooner or later. The logical thing is to retire it at the end of its economic life, which is the point when the cost of operation exceeds the value that the forklift provides.

We Are Here To Help

Specializing in forklifts and aerial equipment such as boom lifts and scissor lifts, we are dedicated to providing industry leading solutions for the materials handling industry. Whether you are looking to rent a forklift or have a service technician come to your facility to repair the one you have, we are here to help.

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