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How to Select Customized Forklift Training Courses

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Operating a forklift seems like a simple job that requires minimal training. However, when you understand the risk that comes with the mishandling of this somewhat simple machinery you will appreciate the importance of continuous training. It is with proper training that operators are able to maintain a safe working environment and safe operating forklifts. The training also ensures you secure a job easily, be in compliance with the OSHA and never worry about hefty fines. But how do you choose a good course in forklift training Toronto?

Refresher lessons

Warehouse and materials handling management usually hire experienced operators who have worked with forklifts for years. One thing you need to understand is that even if an operator has decades of experience, they will not pass the official safety inspection if they have not received any recent training. A good operator must have completed forklift training in the last three years. The refresher courses are aimed at retraining basic forklift safety, inspection, operation as well as maintenance requirements. Ensure the trainer you are about to select offers advanced courses for the experienced forklift operators.

Introduction to forklifts

Even with prior training, it is good for new operators to get an introduction to the machinery they will be using. New operator training is designed for new employees who have been hired recently. The training introduces the new employee to the machinery used in lifting and materials handling machinery. This is done before they are allowed to handle forklifts at the workplace. The course includes intense classwork paired with practical lessons. A good program will entail both theoretical and practical work as well as a formal evaluation.

At the end of this course, the new operator will have a full understanding of the basic principles of safe forklift operation, propane and battery change, pre-operational inspection, load handling, and maintenance. When deciding on the customized course to take, it is imperative that you ensure that introductory courses are being offered.

Training the trainer

Many companies have an in-house trainer or a management team. Needless to say, without updating their skills, they will lag behind. This is where the program to train the trainers comes in handy. A good institution offering forklift training will have courses for the trainers. The courses will help the trainers learn how to better communicate finer points regarding forklift operations to both beginners and the seasoned pros. The course can be offered either onsite or at the center of the training institution. More often than not, these courses take three days. At the end of it, the in-house trainers will have learned how to teach about forklift operations, equipment maintenance, dock safety, inspection, logistics and stability principles.

When deciding on the trainer to work with, it pays to think beyond the cost of the training. Pay more attention to the courses that are offered and ensure the trainer will be able to meet your unique training needs. It is also a good idea to take some time looking at what different trainers have to offer prior to making a choice.

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