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Why is Proper Forklift Training Important?

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Forklifts are somewhat large machines with considerable power and several moving parts. With this in mind, you might think forklift training Brampton is obvious. However, when you take a look at the statistics relating to forklift accidents, you will be astonished. There are about 85 fatalities every year, 35 thousand accidents resulting in serious injury and 61 thousand resulting in non-serious injury. These are figures from OSHA. These alarmingly high numbers leave you wondering if forklift operators are getting proper training. Prior to making any conclusion, it is good to understand the root cause of forklift accidents.

Forklift training will not be enough if you don’t make the effort to avoid the root causes of accidents. According to OSHA, here are the main causes of the fatal accidents:

  • Being crushed by a tipping over forklift accounts for 42% of forklift fatalities
  • Being crushed between different surfaces and the forklift makes up for 25% of the total fatalities
  • Accidents resulting from being crushed between forklifts make up 11% of total fatalities
  • Fatalities from being run over or stuck account for 10% of fatalities
  • Fatalities resulting from being crushed by falling materials are 8%
  • Fatalities from falling from a platform on the forklift make up 4%

The above figures clearly show why forklift training is important. This is in addition to the health and safety inspections which focus on violations. Being found in violation of even minor safety standards will lead to hefty fines. It is important that all your operators take continuous training on forklift operations and not just for the sake of satisfying safety requirements.

Healthy use of equipment and safe operations

Forklift training is important because it improves safe operation, proper equipment maintenance, and repair, ergonomics, and traffic safety. A good course will address every issue that pertains to ergonomics and operation. You will get a catalog of safety products that help you operate your forklifts safely and efficiently.

Some of the offerings in forklift training include the following:

  • Existing Operator Certification Course: This is a program provided to the experienced forklift operators without prior formal training.
  • New Operator Training: The program is for the new forklift operators. It takes 3 to 5 days.
  • Propane Cylinder Exchange and Filling: The program covers the proper installation and replacement of the cylinder exchange.
  • Overhead Crane: This is a train the trainer course meant to improve the proficiency of crane operators.
  • Skid-steer loader operation
  • Front end loader operation
  • Aerial work platform operation
  • Fall prevention

The whole purpose of forklift training is to improve workplace safety and efficiency. Different institutions offer varying programs. It is up to you to find the trainer that offers the personalized programs you are looking for. With the aforementioned statistics on forklift-related accidents in mind, forklift training is not something you can afford to ignore. In the long run, when you have well-trained operators, you will notice more productivity, better forklift performance and a better bottom line since you will no longer have to deal with workplace accidents which can lead to injuries or asset damage.

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