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When Should I Purchase An Electric Forklift vs. A LPG Forklift?

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The type of forklift you choose for your business is determined by the environment you work in, your budget, power source and level of productivity that you want.

Advantages Of Working With Electric Forklift

An electric forklift is suitable if you are working in a cold storage. This is because an LPG forklift emits heat and gas fumes which can raise the temperature in the workspace.

Some of the benefits of an electric forklift include:

  • They have no emissions thus providing a better and safer workplace for the employees
  • They produce less noise during operation and thus cause minimal distractions and a better work environment
  • There is no cost of fuel and thus the company saves a lot of money
    Since they don’t have engines, transmissions or radiators, the cost of repairs and maintenance is reduced. The planned maintenance is also less costly since there is no need to change the oil and filters. However, regular maintenance is still necessary because parts have to be greased and adjustments made.
  • They have a lower center of gravity which promotes better capacity ratings and stability
  • They have a longer life compared to the propane forklifts Toronto
  • There is improved productivity with an electric lift truck since it involves minimal hand, arm and foot movements.
  • There are less waste fluids and thus making them more environmental friendly.

Advantages Of Working With LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) Forklift

The initial cost of LPG (liquid propane gas) forklift is lower compared to the electric lift trucks. For electric lift trucks, you will have to purchase additional batteries, battery storage facilities and charging equipment. This makes the initial purchase price of the electric trucks much higher than the liquid propane gas forklifts.

It takes less time to refuel and the chances of running out of fuel are minimal. All you have to do is to change the propane cylinder. This takes only 5 to 10 minutes, which is a very short time compared to charging the electric forklift battery overnight. This eliminates downtime especially if the machine is being used 24/7.

LPG (liquid propane gas) trucks have automatic shut off features. This helps to stop the flow of fuel in case there is an accident. And propane tanks are required to adhere to strict national safety specifications. This makes them safe for use.

Propane cylinders can be stored near the place of work. This makes operations more convenient and saves on time.

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