Signs That You Should Replace Your Forklift Tires

Signs That You Should Replace Your Forklift Tires

Replacing your forklift tires at the correct time is important for performance and safety of the equipment. Taking too long before replacing your forklift tires risks damage to the machine as well. If you want great performance and longevity out of your forklift, replacing forklift parts Toronto at the correct time is an essential part of maintenance practices. Worn out forklift tires are a huge safety hazard because tires do not wear evenly. If the tire is damaged, it can also increase fuel and maintenance costs.

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Replace Forklift Tires

Signs That You Should Replace Your Forklift Tires

Tire maintenance is often overlooked as compared to other parts of the forklift yet it is equally as important. If you want to reduce machine downtime and maintain productivity in your workplace at an all time high, you should be keen to the warning signs of your forklift tires.

There are two main types of forklift tires: cushion and pneumatic. These different types of tires give different warning signs for when replacement is due.

Cushion Tires

  • Cushion tires are worn beyond use when at least thirty to thirty five percent of the rubber is worn out. These tires should be taken out of service as they are completely unsafe for use and make the machine more inefficient.
  • Cushion tires are meant for indoor use and often wear slowly, however they are easily damaged and simple wear on the forklift tires is a sign that replacement may be due soon. If the tires have at least 50 percent wear lines meeting the top of the tire, it is about time to get new tires.
  • Litter and forklift misuse in the workplace will show by pieces of rubber falling off the forklift tire. This kind of chunking and cracking in the forklift tire is an important sign that the rubber should be replaced.
  • Flat sports in the tire can be caused by misalignment of the tires. If one part of the tire is balder than the rest, this flat spots show your forklift tires are misaligned.
  • Cushion forklift tires also tear when exposed to sharp objects.

Pneumatic Tires

  • These tires are often used for outdoor work and the most common warning sign is wear in the tread to the point where traction and stability is no longer reliable.
  • Under and over inflated tires affect the stability of the forklift and cause accelerated wear in the tires. Improper inflation can affect the ability of the tires to stop due to reduced traction in the tires.
  • Simple wear signs include cuts, frayed cord piles, balding, and simple wear (the 2-inch rule) are also signs that the pneumatic tires will need to be replaced soon.


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