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How Often Does My Forklift Truck Require New Tires?

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Knowing the kind of forklift tires you’re using is essential in knowing when to replace them. In most cases, cushion tires are installed on forklifts that operate within warehouses or other smooth surfaces. On the other hand, pneumatic tires work better on rough surfaces because they have greater ground clearance.

Pneumatic tires are classified as air tires and solid tires. The former category is similar to the ones in cars, while the latter is made with solid rubber that makes them stronger. As such, solid tires are mostly used in construction sites, lumber yards, and other sites likely to have nails and other debris laying around.


Smooth Vs Traction Tires

If you intend to use the forklift on dry surfaces then smooth tires are better. However, if the surface has a lot of moisture, traction tires are better. Cushion tires that have traction are also better because of their grip, but they should not be used on ramps that have metal teeth.


Special Forklift Tires

Cold-Prepped Tires

These tires are made with strong surfacing that ensures they remain safe and functional on cemented and cold surfaces. They ensure cold temperatures don’t cause the forklift to slip, especially when carrying heavy loads.

Fiberglass Tires

When a forklift is used for long durations, friction causes the tires to heat up. The rubber on the tires begins to lose its integrity and that affects how the forklift operates. Tires that have fiberglass are more resistant to friction and heat.

Static-Resistant Tires

Forklift tires that are used in manufacturing industries are exposed to flammable materials. If static electricity isn’t handled, it can result in explosions around such materials. Static-resistant tires prevent the discharge of static electricity around such materials.

Polyurethane Tires

Polyurethane tires are better for short-distance operations such as within warehouses. These tires also have chemical resistance, which makes them great for industries that deal with chemicals.


Replacing Your Forklift Tires

When you use a worn-out tire, especially on a rough surface, you absorb over 80% of the shock. You also increase the chances of a breakdown because the transmission is working harder to get the tires to rotate the same way. The best way to avoid such inconveniences and repair costs is by knowing the right time to change your tires.

If the space between the letters on the tire and the top section of the tire is less than an inch, then you’ll need to consider a replacement. Some tires are also made with marked safety lines that you can use as guidelines. Change the tire before it gets worn out to the safety line. Visible damage on the tires also indicates that you should change them. Chunking, cracks, tears, and flat surfaces on the tires are signs that the tire is damaged and should be changed.

Always hire professionals to replace your forklift tires. Modern Forklift has trained technicians that can deliver the services you need. We can conduct repairs, as well as preventive maintenance. Our technicians can also install new tires or replace them on any type of forklift. For the best forklift services and on-site replacements, contact Modern Forklift.

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