How often do my lift truck operators need to be trained?

How Often Do My Lift Truck Operators Need To Be Trained?

Forklifts operators need to be trained properly before they start driving trucks. For one to qualify, they need a standard driver’s license and on the job operator training. After the initial training, they require to be retrained regularly and given practical evaluations.

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How Often Do My Lift Truck Operators Need To Be Trained?

How often do my lift truck operators need to be trained?

The occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) recommends that all operators undergo safety training. This ensures that the operator can drive safely without endangering property as well as the coworkers. OSHA staff conduct inspections regularly to check whether companies are complying with this requirement. If you are non-compliant, you may be fined thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your operators go through the required training to avoid the huge fines and accidents in your workplace.

Truck operators also require upgrade training when:

  • New equipment is introduced to the workplace: If one is not familiar with the equipment, he will have to undergo some training so as to ensure they drive it safely.
  • The equipment is modified
  • Legislation changes affecting the industry come up
  • When the operating environment or conditions change to something that the operator is not used to. For example when the operator is moved to a different working area.
  • When the operator is involved in an accident or near miss incident: in case of an accident, operators are advised to take refresher training.

During training, operators are taught how to drive and operate forklifts and keep everything safe. The instructors get them certified after the training is complete and they pass the practical assessment. They will also be certified to meet the OSHA standards. You will use the certification as proof of training when the OSHA personnel visit your company for inspection. The certification has to show the name of the operator, date of training and evaluation, and the person conducting the training and the evaluation. Employers should retain the most recent certification the operator has. It can be three years old or less depending on how frequently the employees are evaluated.

Lift truck operator training covers the following:

  • Driving and maneuverability: Driving and maneuverability lessons help them to navigate well even in narrow aisles. Once the drivers pass this stage, they are certified for lift truck driving.
  • Loading and unloading for different types of forklifts Toronto
  • Daily inspection of trucks: This covers the tires, hand brakes, loose bolts, loose welds, and gauges. Such training equips them with the skill they require to determine if the truck is in a good working condition and identify any faults. With such training they can report problems as soon as they arise thus ensuring that they are repaired immediately to avoid extensive damage and huge losses. It will also help reduce emergencies.
  • Specialty attachments and how to use them
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