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How Often Do I Need To Service My Lift Truck?

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Forklifts are some of the most reliable machines. However, they will only perform well if serviced regularly. Servicing also ensures that the forklifts Toronto last for long. If you take good care of your lift truck it will last for decades thus giving you good value for the money you invested in it. Though they are designed to function in tough conditions, they require regular servicing, repairs and maintenance. With the right services, the lift truck can perform at optimum levels. If a lift truck is not performing at the desired level, then it can slow down your business and reduce the profits. Regular servicing also ensures that minor problems are identified and rectified before they crash down the entire machine.

There are many factors that determine the frequency of servicing a lift truck. Some include usage, type of truck and the condition that the truck is in. However, the general guideline is to service after every 250 hours or every six months if the hours have not been met. Some experts recommend that you have preventive maintenance services every 30 or 90 days to enhance performance and safety.

During servicing, the following is done:

  • The chassis are lubricated
  • Air and oil filters are changed
  • Belt and spark plugs are inspected
  • Inspections of the handbrake and oil pump
  • Inspection of the brake booster operations
  • Replacement of the engine coolant and the brake fluid

In addition to the above services, the truck also requires maintenance and repairs. A maintenance program is created based on manufacturer’s instructions on truck maintenance. The main role of maintenance programs is to ensure that the truck is safe for use.

The services will determine if the truck is in good condition. If it is considered not safe for operation, then you will be advised to stop using it. Authorized personnel make repairs to the damaged parts. A lift truck will be considered unsafe for use if the welds are broken, overhead gauge is damaged, the bolts are missing, the gauge is not functioning properly and large pieces of rubber are missing. If you experience such problems, you have to get them fixed immediately.

If you use a lift truck regularly, it is a good idea to get a fully licensed and trained technician to design for you a maintenance program.

Servicing your lift truck regularly will help you increase the productivity of your business and ensure safety at the work place. Safety should be a top priority; if ignored, damage and injuries could happen. This could ruin your business and get you into legal problems as well. Thus, take the services seriously to grow your business optimally and safely.

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