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Forklift Rentals Will Make Your Toronto Job Easier

Something smart operation managers would consider
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The purpose of any machine is to make a task easier to perform

There are times, though, when only temporary help is needed so the purchase or lease of that equipment may not be justified. To get the job done, though, forklift rentals for your Toronto operation from Modern Fork Lift can provide the solution by giving you the help you need at the right time at a price you can appreciate.

You know your business and our experts can help determine your exact needs

Our success at Modern Fork Lift begins with the simple act of listening. We help you make a decision about the type of machine you need and the length of time you need it by understanding the requirements of your job. We have a wide range of equipment available from the top manufacturers – Caterpillar, Hyster, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan, Toyota and Yale – and our parts inventory means that you have all the extras you may need right on hand. Our maintenance programs ensure that the forklift you rent is in perfect running order so there is no loss of your time to problems.

We have just the right rental program for your needs

Our business success depends on your satisfaction so we take your safety and ease of operation seriously.

  • Our highly trained, fully certified technicians go over the workings of the machine with you and answer any questions you have before you sign a rental agreement with us. We work closely with you to make sure you have the right truck and attachments to perform your job safely and effectively.
  • Our short and long term rental plans are designed to fit your business operation so you only pay for what you really need. You can count on our experience to help you utilize your rental as efficiently as possible so there isn’t much down time that wastes your money.
  • No forklift rental leaves our Toronto warehouse without you receiving appropriate driver training. At Modern Fork Lift, we offer driver training that meets or exceeds OSHA regulations so that you and your staff are assured safe operation and can use the forklift as efficiently as possible.

Our concern for your safety means that each forklift rental is in top condition

Each piece of equipment that we rent has been carefully inspected for usability and safety. Regular service is performed on our stock and a complete maintenance and safety check is performed before your forklift rental leaves our Toronto site to ensure proper operation.

Make your business more profitable by getting the equipment you need

A simple call or click gets you on your way to providing the boost your business needs to handle larger jobs more efficiently. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is on hand to discuss your needs and provide you with the forklift rental that will improve your Toronto area operation.

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