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Forklift Driver Training

If you’re a business owner in or around Toronto who uses forklifts, you need to make sure that your drivers are properly trained in driving forklift. At Modern Forklift, we can help you with that training.

Create an Accident-Free Environment with Proper Forklift Training

Forklift truck operators are responsible for moving or transporting heavy loads from one place to another. While the job is easy, safety is always key. Hundreds, if not thousands of workers lose their lives due to forklift-related injuries every year. There are set rules and regulations that must be followed to prevent forklift accidents. Adequate training is also important as it equips workers with the skills required in safe forklift operation. It enables workers to understand the essential controls and operations of different types of equipment as well as the safety and health protocols that must be applied.If you are a business owner in or around Toronto, ensure your workers take the forklift training course to promote an accident-free work environment and also help them understand the laws and regulations to remain compliant. We not only have the best training providers in the area but also offer lots of learning materials to help your workers pass the exams and evaluations. We will ensure that all your workers understand how to handle this equipment and all workplace-specific hazards. Whatever style or type of forklift you have in your business, we’ll ensure your drivers are trained on how to use it effectively and safely.

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Why Forklift Driver Training?

Driver trainer for forklift operators is important in order to maintain a safe working environment and a safe operating forklift. This will keep you in compliance with OSHA as well so you won’t have to worry about costly fines.

All your drivers, from first time drivers to experienced drivers can benefit from driver training. You can learn important skills to help your drivers and your business grow.

We understand that businesses in Toronto have different forklift needs and we train your drivers on the style of forklift you purchase be it diesel, liquid propane, or electric powered. Front forks, side load, extended reach, counterbalance, and so on all have their own unique handling issues that your drivers need to understand.  If you have more than one type of forklift we can help train your drivers for each type.

Forklift Driver Training Toronto
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Our Instructors

Our instructors are professionals and can teach your employees how to drive the forklift, get them certified or recertified to meet OSHA standards and keep everyone at the job site safe. Some of the skills that are taught:

  • Driving and maneuverability with the forklift

  • Loading and unloading the type of forklift you use in your business

  • Daily inspections for safety on the forklift which includes tires, loose bolts, hand brakes, loose welds, and gauges that are not working properly.

  • Specialty attachments and how to attach and use them

How Do We Teach Drivers

Not only do we teach them how to drive, we also teach the drivers how to do daily inspections to ensure the tires are in good working order, there are not weld breaks, no loose bolts, or gauges that are not working properly and immediately report any problems.

By reporting any problems immediately, the repairs can get done before they lead to more costly repairs being needed and/or a fine from OSHA for safety violations with equipment.

Driving and maneuverability are taught so that safety is always the top concern but how to navigate and reach in narrow aisles.
Once the training is complete and the driver passes they will be certified for forklift driving and usage.

How Do We Teach Our Forklift Drives In Toronto
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Why Choose Us For Forklift Driver Training?

Our professional instructors make us the best choice for driver training in and around Toronto. We can have your employees and yourself trained and certified for forklift driving which will cost you less than OSHA fines and you will have drivers who make sure that the forklift is in proper working order providing safety to all your employees.

We make sure that drivers are trained in daily inspections of your forklift not only for safety but to reduce costly emergency repairs due to bad tires, loose bolts, or other issues. So we can provide you with the knowledge of knowing that you have the right style and type of forklift for the job, with the best purchase option for your business, and driver training all close to home for your convenience. Call us today and schedule your driver training for one or more people.


Need a Lift?

We provide options to purchase, lease or rent the machine that is right for you. Some owners may require a bit of assistance in selecting the equipment that is right for them, that’s where our expertise can be a huge benefit to your company.

Keeping You Up And Running

We understand that out-of-service vehicles can slow down your business and hurt profits – which is why we offer top quality maintenance service to help extend the life of your vehicles, and repair services to help get broken down machinery up and running and back on the job site.

Keeping You Safe

Safety should always be top priority on any job site and operators need to be properly trained for every vehicle that they operate, that is why we don’t only provide and service lift trucks, but we also offer driver training and certification that meets or exceeds OHSA standards.

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Lift trucks can greatly increase the productivity – and therefore the profits – of many types of businesses. But for maximum efficiency, safety, and cost effectiveness, you need to make sure that you make the right choices in model, purchase options, and maintenance schedules.

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