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Tips For Choosing The Right Forklift Maintenance Programs

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When leasing or buying a forklift, most people rarely understand the importance of setting up an affordable maintenance program for the forklift before signing the contract to acquire a used or a new forklift.

Why Should You Set Up A Forklift Maintenance Program?

The following are the primary reasons you should have a cost effective maintenance program for your forklift;

  • To enhance the safety for the forklift operators and other staff
  • To minimize the costs associated with forklift maintenance
  • To control the expenses incurred in ensuring the forklift is in good working condition
  • Such a program will help you to track the costs incurred and this will enable you to make wise decisions regarding forklift maintenance or replacement
  • To ensure that the forklift retains its value especially during valuation

As a forklift buyer, it is advisable to negotiate the forklift’s maintenance prices and other details before you purchase the asset. This is because, before buying the asset, you are likely to have more leverage when discussing the issue with the seller. Always ensure that you get an agreeable forklift service program before buying it.

Here are some of the areas you should negotiate with the forklift seller

  • The maintenance hourly labor cost
  • The repair labor cost (on hourly basis)
  • If there is overtime work, get to know the hourly rates
  • The use of aftermarket parts vs. the O.E.M
  • Supplies from shops
  • Discounts on the parts purchased
  • Time for travelling
  • Decisions regarding technician

Most business enterprises usually opt for the pay-as-you-go schedule when it comes to forklift maintenance. Note that you get a full maintenance program which is also known as guaranteed maintenance program from some forklift dealers. Note that these dealers usually require the buyer to pay a low monthly installment that encompasses parts, travel cost, labor costs and other costs.

Why Should You Consider A Full Maintenance Program?

The following are the top three reasons you should consider a full maintenance program for your forklift.

  • You will be able to assess the cost of the maintenance program before you purchase the asset
  • You can negotiate all the cost components into one monthly instalment which is usually low. This will make it easier for you to set a precise budget and stick to it.
  • You will enjoy minimized administrative costs

Well, you may think that a long term maintenance program is essential for the owners of forklifts. However, forklift rental Toronto will require a maintenance program because this will enable you to save on the costs.

Why Renting A Forklift On Long Terms Basis Is More Beneficial Than Buying One

  • Renting a forklift offers the owner a chance to accurately predict the maintenance costs and pay for these expenses in terms of monthly installments.
  • Renting a forklift will motivate the dealer to maintain the asset properly
  • Renting a forklift allows you to negotiate the maintenance program based on work hours.
  • You will also minimize the administrative workloads since the forklifts will not be damped in your business premises.
  • The dealer will be keeping the books of account regarding the forklift, not you.

Though choosing the right forklift maintenance program isn’t an easy task, having the right guide can help you make a wise decision. Follow this guide to ensure that you get a good forklift maintenance program.


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