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The Checklist For Safe Rental Forklift Use

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As you go ahead to hire a forklift for your company from a forklift rental Toronto firm, you have to think of more than just the benefits you will accrue from your investment. The other thing you should have in mind is the safe use of the forklift to avoid accidents and injury to the people using the forklift and those around them as well damage to the goods you are handling. The first steps in the safe use of forklifts begins at the selection point of the forklift for rental. Here is a checklist to guide you on the safety precautions to take:

Get The Right Forklift For Your Needs And Ensure It Works Properly And Has All The Safety Features

Asses your needs and talk to the forklift rental company to help you select the forklift with specifications that match your needs. You need to know the maximum load capacity and adhere to it. Ensure you have the right tires for your surface to avoid any skidding and problematic braking. You also have to check for safety equipment from safety belts to the presence of a Falling Object Protective Structure. You should also have fully functional lights, speed control device as well as a back-up indicator.

Conditions Of The Job Site

Your work site should be optimized for the use and movement of the forklift truck to avoid collisions with people and other trucks. This calls for proper marking of designated areas for trucks and walkways. The trucks movement should be separated by time or space and any potential black spots clearly marked. Ramps should be set up where necessary and appropriate signage provided. All people at the facility should be made aware of different signage and designated areas and any changes made.

Use Trained Operators And Have Certified Supervisors

The people handling the forklifts have to be properly trained in driving and operating the machines. Aside from this, you should have certified supervisors on site to oversee the operations and ensure all safety procedures are observed. The drivers should observe speed limits, wear seat belts and be cognizant of the traffic signs at all times. All incidents and damage have to be reported and recorded.

Keep Your Forklifts In Good Working Conditions

The forklifts have to be maintained and serviced according to their schedule to prevent breakdown during work. Before they get to be used on a daily basis, pre-operation checks have to be performed. All machines due to be repaired should be removed from the site and repaired according to the directions of the brand.

Work Smart And Safely

It is important to focus on the prescribed guidelines from the setup of the worksite to the regulations guiding how the operators should conduct themselves. Given the huge benefits brought by the forklifts there is no need to hurry up work schedules. Check loads for stability as well as their shape to avoid affecting the trucks movements. The travel should be done with the forks down and all hazards should be clearly marked.

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