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Forklift batteries need to be properly maintained in order for them to last longer and to avoid irreparable damage. One of the activities conducted during maintenance is battery filling. Flooded lead acid batteries, which are often used to power forklifts undergo a process known as gassing whenever they are recharged. In this process, the batteries lose substantial amounts of water and this affects the electrolyte level and consequently the performance of the battery. Refilling is done to help maintain the proper electrolyte level and also prevent permanent battery damage.

Battery refilling can be done manually by opening each cell of a battery individually and then adding water. This manual process can be time-consuming; hence the AquaPro system was introduced.

What is AquaPro?

AquaPro watering in Toronto is a system that allows flooded lead-acid battery refilling to be done from a single point, without having to open each cell of the battery individually. This single point watering system saves [...]

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