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Initially, venturing into the heavy machinery business was enough to make you stand out. However, that has changed, with more companies getting into the forklift industry and increasing competition. dNovo Group is here to help you understand the importance of dominating the search engine results pages and offer professional assistance. The objective is to help you get a higher position to get the most clicks when people conduct searches. Search optimization starts with getting a quality website then proceeding to do the following:

Longtail keyword optimization

Select appropriate keywords relevant to the forklift industry and use them in titles, headers, and other text. Choose words that can describe the nature of your business and show where you operate. It is important to note that longtail keywords are not as common as shorttail keywords. However, they are more likely to lead to conversions. Avoid stuffing too many keywords on one page.

Image optimization

Use pictures to provide descriptions [...]

Forklift maintenance is important not only if you’re looking to save time and money but also reduce downtime and ensure all tasks are completed as scheduled. During maintenance, the technician may recommend replacement of parts that are worn out or faulty in order to improve the performance of your forklift. There are certain forklift parts that are often replaced during maintenance. We’ll go over them below and briefly explain what function the parts serve and why they may need to be replaced.

Air filters

Like in most systems, air filters in forklifts serve the purpose of making sure the air running through the forklift’s internal combustion engine is clean and free of contaminants. A functional air filter is what ensures that dirt and debris don’t find a way into your forklift’s engine and affect its performance which is why it must be replaced often.

Forklift batteries

On average, forklift batteries in Toronto can last for 5 years [...]

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