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Forklift Maintenance Ad Repair Toronto

Knowing the kind of forklift tires you’re using is essential in knowing when to replace them. In most cases, cushion tires are installed on forklifts that operate within warehouses or other smooth surfaces. On the other hand, pneumatic tires work better on rough surfaces because they have greater ground clearance.

Pneumatic tires are classified as air tires and solid tires. The former category is similar to the ones in cars, while the latter is made with solid rubber that makes them stronger. As such, solid tires are mostly used in construction sites, lumber yards, and other sites likely to have nails and other debris laying around.


Smooth Vs Traction Tires

If you intend to use the forklift on dry surfaces then smooth tires are better. However, if the surface has a lot of moisture, traction tires are better. Cushion tires that have traction are also better because of their grip, but they should not [...]

Forklift Rental Toronto

The type of forklift you choose for your business is determined by the environment you work in, your budget, power source and level of productivity that you want.

Advantages Of Working With Electric Forklift

An electric forklift is suitable if you are working in a cold storage. This is because an LPG forklift emits heat and gas fumes which can raise the temperature in the workspace.

Some of the benefits of an electric forklift include:

  • They have no emissions thus providing a better and safer workplace for the employees
  • They produce less noise during operation and thus cause minimal distractions and a better work environment
  • There is no cost of fuel and thus the company saves a lot of money
    Since they don’t have engines, transmissions or radiators, the cost of repairs and maintenance is reduced. The planned maintenance is also less costly since there is no need to change the oil and [...]
Tips for Buying a Used Forklift

Buying a used forklift will minimize upfront costs. However, this is not a decision you should make in a hurry. Just like buying a used car, you have to be very cautious when buying a used forklift. In many cases, you will have to choose the equipment based on service hours, age, application history, or its overall condition. This post takes a quick look at the key areas you should focus on when buying a used forklift.


  1. Age of the Forklift

It is cheaper to buy an old forklift as compared to a new one. If you are on a tight budget or your primary goal is to save as much money as possible, you should go for a forklift that is at least five years old. You will pay a price that is closer to that of a new forklift if you go for a [...]

Do the Hours Matter When Buying a Used Forklift?

Buying a used forklift is one of the best ways of getting a quality machine at a fraction of the cost. However, you have to be very cautious before you buy a used forklift. One of the most important things to consider is the number of hours the equipment has. The hours are more like the mileage of a car. The more hours a forklift has the more tear and wear it has.

The price and hours are, however, not the only things you should look for in a used forklift. To avoid a lot of frustration after purchasing a used forklift, you should ask these questions:

  • Has the forklift been well-maintained? – A good dealer will be able to provide you with the maintenance history of the equipment.
  • Does the equipment come with a warranty? – If warranty is offered it shows the dealer [...]

Forklifts, also known as fork trucks or lift trucks are powered machines that are used to move materials within short distances. Its application is extensive in both manufacturing and warehousing operations. When buying a forklift, you can buy either a new or a used one. Below are some of the frequently asked questions on used forklifts Toronto.

What Is The Benefits Of A Used Forklift In My Business? A forklift will lift weights high enough to where you want your load. The forklift comes in different designs to suit each workplace. If you buy your forklift and it does not perform as expected, you can always ask the manufacturer to take it back and help you get one that meets your requirements.

The main aim of a lift truck is to make things easier and your business more productive. With these machines, you will be able to accomplish more within shorter periods. Many companies have identified [...]

It is essential for all operators to wear seat belts. However, unlike for cars, forklift seat belts are not meant to protect the driver from collisions. Their aim is to protect the operator from being crushed or trapped when the truck tips over. Overturning poses a big threat and is a leading cause of deaths among lift truck operators. Studies show that overturning is responsible for one out of every six deaths.

When a lift truck starts tipping over, most drivers think of jumping out to save their lives. In this process the driver may get crushed between the lift truck and the ground. The seat belts will prevent the driver from jumping thus saving him from getting crushed. When a truck overturns, the driver will be safe if he stays in the cabin with a safety belt on. The safety belt will ensure that one doesn’t jump off or fall underneath when the forklift [...]

Measuring the forklift fork is necessary when you want to make a replacement. This will ensure that you get the right size. It can be a challenging task especially to those making fork purchases for the first time. There are a number of companies that sell forklift forks and you can find them online. Once you have your measurements, it will be easier to place your order. If you are not sure how to go about the process, consider the following tips.

First, you need to measure the size of the carriage. To do this, measure from the top to the bottom of the carriage.

The Dimensions, From Top To Bottom, Are Usually Classified Into
  • Class 2: 16 inches
  • Class 3: 20 inches
  • Class 4: 25 inches
After Measuring The Size From Top To Bottom, Next You Have To Measure The Following Dimensions.
  • Measure from the front of the fork to the [...]

There are two common types of forklifts available today – internal combustion engine forklifts popularly known as IC forklifts and electric forklifts. We’ll go over the pros and cons of these fuel options to help you make an informed decision.

What’s an electric forklift?

In recent years, electric forklifts have become widely recognized in the market. Today, they account for more than 60% of forklift sales in the region. This is perhaps due to the advanced technology that enables manufacturing of electric forklifts that are just as reliable in terms of performance and runtime as the combustion engine forklifts. These forklifts have newer and improved batteries, better motor technologies and improved voltage outputs.

With an electric forklift, you get to enjoy the following advantages:

  • The forklift is powered by electrical energy meaning that unlike other sources of energy like batteries or fuel cells, there’s no exhaust emission which could be potentially harmful to the [...]

Forklift maintenance is important not only if you’re looking to save time and money but also reduce downtime and ensure all tasks are completed as scheduled. During maintenance, the technician may recommend replacement of parts that are worn out or faulty in order to improve the performance of your forklift. There are certain forklift parts that are often replaced during maintenance. We’ll go over them below and briefly explain what function the parts serve and why they may need to be replaced.

Air filters

Like in most systems, air filters in forklifts serve the purpose of making sure the air running through the forklift’s internal combustion engine is clean and free of contaminants. A functional air filter is what ensures that dirt and debris don’t find a way into your forklift’s engine and affect its performance which is why it must be replaced often.

Forklift batteries

On average, forklift batteries in Toronto can last for 5 years [...]

Forklift Maintenance Toronto

When you buy a forklift, one of the decisions you’ll have to make is choosing the appropriate maintenance plan. There are different maintenance plans offered by dealers. These can be broadly categorized as full maintenance and planned maintenance. With a planned maintenance plan, expect to pay a fee every month for servicing which is done at regular intervals. However, this monthly fee possibly doesn’t include any replacement parts or fixes that may be required during servicing. A full maintenance plan may cover all servicing requirements at a monthly fee.

The benefits of having a maintenance plan

If you’re keen on reducing downtime in your business, consider purchasing a forklift maintenance plan. With routine maintenance, you can catch problems early and increase your uptime by making sure technicians replace faulty parts quickly and effectively. When your forklift gets the care it needs consistently, you increase its lifespan. It will serve you for longer and more effectively. [...]

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