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Aqua Pro Watering System for Forklift Batteries

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Forklift batteries need to be properly maintained in order for them to last longer and to avoid irreparable damage. One of the activities conducted during maintenance is battery filling. Flooded lead acid batteries, which are often used to power forklifts undergo a process known as gassing whenever they are recharged. In this process, the batteries lose substantial amounts of water and this affects the electrolyte level and consequently the performance of the battery. Refilling is done to help maintain the proper electrolyte level and also prevent permanent battery damage.

Battery refilling can be done manually by opening each cell of a battery individually and then adding water. This manual process can be time-consuming; hence the AquaPro system was introduced.

What is AquaPro?

AquaPro watering in Toronto is a system that allows flooded lead-acid battery refilling to be done from a single point, without having to open each cell of the battery individually. This single point watering system saves time, makes the forklift maintenance process safer (by reducing the risk of acid splash) and is more efficient.

The AquaPro system consists of fill caps, which are attached to the battery permanently to the battery cells and a hose system that is connected to the battery when it’s time to refill the cells. Operating it is quite simple. All the user has to do is to connect the hose with a water delivery system. Once connected, water can flow directly into the battery cells through the fill caps. The fill caps are designed in such a way that, they will not take in more water when the particular battery cell reaches the required electrolyte level, which helps to prevent overfilling. When all the battery cells have attained the required electrolyte levels then a signal is sent on the coupling system attached on the hose to show that the process is complete and all battery cells have enough water.

Where can AquaPro be used?

The AquaPro system is uniquely designed for flooded lead acid batteries. These batteries are commonly found in electric vehicles and equipment such as forklifts, sweepers and scrubbers, utility vehicles, automatic guided vehicles, UPS systems, tow tractors, RVs, boats, golf cars among others.

What are the advantages of AquaPro?

It’s Safe: Manual filling can expose users to acid splash, which may cause serious personal injuries or corrode parts of the machine.

It saves you money: The system helps your batteries to last longer and also does away with the labour costs of manual filling. The process is also very efficient which means your vehicles become more reliable and you can minimize downtimes and complete tasks on schedule.

It reduces inherent risks: AquaPro prevents risks such as overfilling and under filling which are quite common when filling is done manually.

Enhances battery life: This system can help you to maintain your batteries properly, enhance their lifespan with easy, regular and precise forklift maintenance.

It saves you time and money: With the AquaPro system, you avoid the time-consuming process of manual filling and also lower labour costs.

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